Event Management Technology

Cashless Payments

Attendees will skip the line for EVERYTHING! With cashless payments waiting lines disappear with instant access to funds that automatically refill so guests accessed funds never run low!

AI Intelligence

Save costs by letting our state-of-the-art technology and gadgets process every transaction and detail of an event.

Asset Tracking

Manage equipment, track trends, guests buying behavior, and access relevant realtime resources. Know what's actually happening at your event with valuable time-sensitive information.

Vendor Management

Monitor and manage each onsite vendor and their engagement with your guests throughout the event. With our technology you can offer guest incentives based on their preferred vendors .

Unified Command (UCC)

EventSense offers Real-Time Instant notifications plotted and pinpointed on virtual maps for emergency teams so they can properly assist, manage, and oversee all emergency assets.

Event Security

Dispatch security and log incidents with pinpoint accuracy. Supervise security assets, monitor event security with perimeter detection, and integrate local agencies all from one platform.

Technology 2.0

We deliver frictionless customer experiences and provide the smartest tools for event professionals all while delivering a world class guest experience.


Our full-service event ticketing software handles ticket sales, marketing, and on-site operations for events of any size.

Content Management

Content Management saves you time by automating many of your manual event management tasks.

Access Control

Access Control gets people in faster so it speed up the lines, guests have more time to spend inside the event, and secures entry by detecting any fraudulent activity.

Modular Plugins

Our system is built specifically for each event based on customizable modular plugin solutions.

Event Website Builder

Our event website builder allows your event to be professionally displayed, marketed and promoted. Whether you need total control over look and feel, or just want to point-and-click your way to a professional website, our event website builder supports every type of use case.

Save Time with Integrated Design & Data

Provide quick access to registration forms, event and meeting agendas, event speakers, and other key products.

Track attendees from Online to Onsite

Out-of-the-box SEO optimized templates help ensure your website can be found online and attract your intended audience.

We make it easy, with expert consulting by our team.

Our onsite teams will help manage data for your event. We have highly skilled and experienced team members that can help manage your resources.

Security consultants, Production managers, and network engineers are just a few of the positions we can lend support for your events.