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What is EventSense?

A platform to manage events with modular based plugins that are customizable for each event.

What are Cashless Payments?

Cashless payments are payments that are made without the need for physical money (cash). Cashless payments work by adding money to a customized system that is build around the event experience.

Visualize plug-and-play users

Our Virtual Map is used so guests can easily navigate your event(s). This system can work with guest's phones and digital directories throughout any event space.

Attendees can use any major credit card listed below or top up on site at a kiosk.

MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Visa Debit Cards, Visa/Master Card Gift Cards

Why do I need an event APP?

Event success is mostly determined by attendee satisfaction. Mobile event apps help provide significant data that enable event planners, race directors, and festival organizers to improve the experience for attendees, solicit feedback seamlessly, and capture many never-before-seen data points that can help to demonstrate successes.

How does an event app benefit my attendees?

Using an event app gives your attendees the ability to easily access the most up-to-date event details in a convenient hub. The Go Event App with the cloud scraper feature gives planners the ability to update information on the fly, notifying attendees in a moment’s notice what is happening with conference speakers, artists, race start times etc. so that there is no confusion or frustration on their attendees part

What is an Access Token?

AccessToken is our next-gen solution for replacing event tickets with interactive and unique RFID wristbands that allow multi-level access control on-site. The AccessToken RFID platform gives event organizers full control of admissions, enables streamlined entries and collects real-time capacity data.

What are the benefits of AccessToken Access Control?

 Some of the unique advantages of this include: No paper fraud, Security and Control over multiple zones, Lightning-fast Entry Times, Real-time Customer & Capacity Insight, Seamless integration with your ticketing software, & Elimination of costly human errors.

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